September 26 - 30, 2022   We have finished Science and started History!  It will be an interesting unit on map skills.  Picture Day is Wednesday.  If you haven't sent in the order form and plan to do so, please send it by Wednesday.
  September 19 - 23, 2022   It's been another good week.  Next week may be a bit challenging.  It seems all our subjects are finishing the first chapter.  We all know that means a test in those subjects.  I made sure your child will only have 1 test each day. If you have any questions, please let me know.
September 12 - 16, 2022  Spelling Homework ~ I was very happy with those students who turned in their 2 Spelling  homework assignments on Thursday. If your child did not finish these, they have another chance to show me how responsible they can be by turning in this week's assignments.  There should be a Spelling List and assignment sheet in the Home Folder this evening. Grandparent's Day ~ We have been working hard on our performance! I'm so proud of your children. They have learned everything so far, with a smile! Now 3 more verses to go....  Boxcar Projects ~ Our projects will be on display Monday in the connecting hallway (close to our classroom) after our oral presentations.  I'm looking forward to hearing how they were made.   
  September 5-9, 2022    It has been a great first week of school! I love your children already and can't wait to get started with lessons Tuesday. 👍  Planner ~ This is the first year that students have planners to keep track of important information.  Please check this planner every night and initial it for your child.  They are trying to be responsible for this and will receive a reward if they have it signed each night. Jessie's Stew ~ Just for fun, next week we'll be making a stew in our classroom like Jessie did in The Boxcar Children. If you feel inclined, your child can bring a potato or carrot to add to our pot! Reminder ~ Please send a note any transportation change.  Example ~ riding home with another student for a playdate, not riding the bus due to an appointment... A few dates to remember....   September 12  Boxcar Project due  September 14 Spirit Day!  Mismatch Outfit  September 28 Picture Day
  June 6 - 8, 2022  We're almost finished with the school year and it seems like we just started.  Wow... When I think back to August and the 8 year olds who came through my classroom door, I am amazed. They have matured into responsible 4th graders.  I am proud to be able to move them to the next grade, knowing they are ready to handle all the challenges they will encounter.  I want to thank you parents for all you've done for your children these past 9 months.  I'll miss spending time with them. They will never be this age again.  Enjoy them this summer!
  May 23 - 27, 2022   Teach the Teacher ~ Please see the schedule on the Homework Page.  Spelling ~ This is our last test!  We will be writing the words in cursive this time.  Guests ~ I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know the teacher at the Amish school near my home.  I was able to visit that classroom over Christmas break.  Now it's my turn to host her and her sister in our classroom.  They will be visiting on Tuesday morning for about an hour.
  May 16 - 20, 2022   Bull Dog Run ~ God is good! The rain held off long enough to finish the run! It was a great day of fun. Thanks to all those parents that donated to our basket and those who joined in the activities today.  Teach the Teacher ~ We'll be starting our presentations this week.  Friday will be Tirsa, Hawken, and Brylee.