Week of September 21, 2020Great week!  We're getting our routines down and everyone is working on supporting each other. I'm very impressed with your children... they have been so kind to each other in and out of our classroom.Just a few reminders...
Please remind your child to bring a water bottle to school.  Water fountains are off limits so those water bottles are needed.
Spelling ~ If your child chooses to do an activity as a spelling practice, let me know by signing the agenda with a short note (ex. jumping jacks) and your initials.                          ~ If the practice is written, please turn that paper into me by Thursday.
A few have forgotten masks this week.  Please tuck an extra mask into your child's back pack for emergencies. Thank you!
September 14 - 18, 2020
We've had a wonderful week!  Masks are getting to be second nature and routines are beginning to fall into place.Our agendas are on back order and haven’t arrived yet. Until they do, you will be seeing a sheet for homework in the front of your child’s binder.  Please read the homework assignments and then write your initials at the top so I can give a ticket the following day. Thanks!Box Car Children Review ~I gave the Review Study Guide to the students this week.  They tried to fill it out on their own (with the book to look up answers) and then we went over it as a class, correcting any wrong answers.  That evening I checked them to be sure answers were correct before sending them home Friday.  This review covered Chapters 1 – 6. Next week we will be reviewing the rest of the book.  The test is not scheduled until Wednesday, September 23.  I’ve found it’s easier for 3rd graders to study a little at a time, therefore the first sheet is for this weekend stud…